At CTEQ - Indústria Química S.A, we recognize that our achievements are the result of the dedication and commitment of our people. As a professional working group, it is our practice to support and empower all employees, thus promoting a diverse, collaborative and productive environment. Our employees develop and maintain a strong bond with our corporate values, which translates into the high quality level of services provided.

The passion and commitment for what we do motivates us to overcome

We are committed to protecting people and the environment by ensuring that all our products comply with applicable laws and regulations. We respect the planet, paying specific attention to reduce our consumption of natural resources and waste production. Throughout the years and above all, we are very proud on the sheer quality of customers and suppliers that we have managed to bring together during our decades-long journey. This is our testimony, our legacy.


CTEQ - Indústria Química S.A. develops and manufactures high quality chemical products since 1979. Today, as a company specialized in the production of professional detergents for hygiene and cleaning, we dedicate - due to our experience - special attention to the automotive sector. In accordance with a conscious environmental policy, we continually renew and modernize our products as a way to strengthen partnerships. The CTEQ product range consists of technically superior and field-tested formulations. Through close collaboration with all levels of our chain of activity - from suppliers to customers - we reached a prominent position in the market, not only with our brands, but also through the development of the private label concept.

Create enduring and mutually beneficial relationships for suppliers and customers

We have an extensive experience in the development, production and logistics of products for the industry, retail and wholesale, aftermarket networks, brand or specialty stores and petroleum-derived product chains. Our references’ portfolio covers fluids and solvents, ranging from products and accessories for vehicles to transportation and heavy machinery; from hygiene and leisure products to specialties and pet care. Our main products within our portfolio spread from glass cleaners to antifreeze, to lubricants and cleaning products; from wipes to disinfectants, from bulk chemicals to 50 ml bottles and aerosols.

With an open mind in everything we do, we constantly embrace new challenges

We perfect our knowledge and technical skills through constant learning while providing our clients with innovative products and market-insight support. Our creative teams work hard to fit our products and services into every reality and industry. Keeping our open, practical spirit in everything we do, we invite and embrace diversity as we work to improve the efficiency of our references, processes and operations.


Our vision for the future is very clear

Overcoming. Overcome us in all our areas of performance, but also exceed expectations. As professionals, we are passionate about making and creating value for our customers. Collaboration between suppliers and customers is the key to our goal. Our qualified operations group seeks to develop both the product’s performance and the responses’ efficiency to new needs and environmental requirements. However, innovation is the driving force behind all our consolidation and economic growth.


Quality, Innovation, Sustainability and Trust

These are the words that better define our conduct as a company. We embrace diversity and together with all our partners we achieve mutual goals. We always have the doors open and we do not look for excuses, only solutions. As such, we aim for a better workplace, with respect and seriousness at all levels of performance. Meeting the satisfaction of our customers' needs, always considering a social and ecological commitment, makes us aware enough to refer to the standards: REACH, CLP Classification, ISO 9001:2015.


Thanks to our solid experience, we offer value and safety to our partners. Our structure is divided into several departments and actively assists throughout the hole process from raw materials sourcing and packaging to production and logistics; from legal issues and labelling to marketing and brand performance, because sales can only be boosted through this logical steps.

Focus on your business, we take care of chemistry

CTEQ is currently more than an industrial chemical company. The know-how acquired over the years has transformed us into a production company, but also a services provider with an integral fulfilment of requirements. Here we have a strong commitment on R & D. With the objective of promoting new products and markets, we have a cross-company department that promotes the culture of sustainability and innovation. This department includes a specialized laboratory where our professionals and chemical engineers are deeply engaged with sustainable development principles within research, analysis and practical testing of new raw materials. The results are visible in each partnership, in amplification to each specific need, but also in the increase and attractiveness of the target market segment. We believe that more efficient formulations are simultaneously ensured by consistent quality standards and technical improvements in product methodology. The design of chemical products and their evolution with sustainable eco-solutions are the focus of all the research we carry out in the laboratory. Visit our website regularly to keep up with the latest innovations.

At CTEQ, Quality and Environment planning is shaped by environmental sustainability criteria and public health safety. Being assured by the fulfilment of the various established procedures, it is based on the operational control of products and service quality.

  • Qualification of facilities with hygiene and safety conditions; employees with specific training;
  • Water treatment system with demineralization, with particles (sand) filtration technologies, activated carbon and double membranes (micro-filtration and reverse osmosis);
  • Strict quality control present at all levels of the manufacturing process, from the acquisition of raw materials and production of blends to intermediate and finished products control;
  • Management, cleaning and maintenance of machinery, instrumentation and warehouse;
  • Production and filling methodologies according to Good Manufacturing Practices;
  • Sample and analysis of physic-chemical properties in internal laboratory and real-time stability tests for each production batch;
  • Non-conformity products management, with raw materials’ traceability, reproduction and collection;
  • Strong knowledge in REACH and preparation of technical data sheets / safety data sheets for each product reference;
  • Improvement management by corrective and preventive actions resulting from constant audits by external entities and clients;
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant to minimize the impact of our activity within an environmental level.

The implemented process is aimed at our customers or users’ total satisfaction, pollution prevention, cost optimization, continuous improvement of the system and the responsibility and ethical commitment of all involved.

Our facilities are located in Santo Tirso, 30 km north from Porto. We have 10,500 m2 dedicated to production and about 45 specialized and qualified employees.
Our annual production and filling capacity is 30 000 tonnes or 30 million litres per shift. In particular, automatic filling lines for packaging of volume between 100ml up to 5L, counting also with semi-automatic systems for capacities up to 1000L. The water we use in this industrial process is subjected to a demineralization system to filter heavy minerals. This plant guarantees constant quality and purity in production throughout the year and in all weather conditions.
As a way to supply the leading brands and distributors of the market, we have a wide and configurable range of references in catalogue, for different sectors with industrial and commercial applications.

  • Professional-Graded Detergents;
  • Industrial Fluids;
  • Lubricants and Additives;
  • Solvents;
  • Car Care;
  • Pet Care;
  • Institutional, Home and DIY;

We develop an automated process in order to maximize productivity and maintain the quality that our customers are used to. This flexibility allows large-scale production of a wide variety of chemical formulations in packages of different sizes, shapes and weights.

Nowadays, the logistics industry has been gaining more importance as an essential area for success. We have wide, organized facilities with experienced professionals that permanently optimize stock’s management. We support our customer’s business with logistic partners and a vast network of transport and delivery.
Our warehouse is prepared and organized in order to comply with high levels of service and even with the most taylor-made orders. We believe that logistics is part of value creation by making products available at the desired location and time to the end consumer.

At CTEQ we consider Marketing as the art of exploring, creating and delivering value. Composed by creative and experienced minds, this department develops and monitors market observations. With a critical approach, it works exclusively in the design and brand positioning. These operations are essential in the development of competitive strategies, design of new products, communication and promotional actions, loyalty and attention-catching tactics, as well as definition of brand image positioning.
All this detail in terms of research and treatment of information helps us to become better adapted to the signals in the search and marketing assistance to our partners.

We privilege a direct and continuous monitoring, given that only the feedback received from our customers and users is capable of providing us with a correct market interpretation. We also offer advice and technical training regarding the characteristics and way of application of each product. On the other hand, we are available to provide all kinds of information requested and we take any complaint or constructive criticism as an opportunity for growing and improvement.
The constant development of new products - more efficient, more ecological and more economic - allows us a sustainable evolution in tune with our partners.


Due to the know-how and technical experience, CTEQ has the capacity to manufacture them.


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