Our 30 year-old experiencein business allows us to be aware of the differences and requirements of the markets in which we operate. The division between products for different sales channels, with professional and / or end consumer applications is clear and it is shown in the way that we look at chemical development and design for a given range of products.We study every formulation, economical or premium, commercial or professional, according to its purpose and customer satisfaction is proof of our sensitivity as professionals in the chemical industry.Regarding professional products, there is a greater focus on performance and time of operation. This translates into improvement and quality of services provided, task execution optimization  and cost reduction.

Yes, we have extensive experience with Taylor Made, Private Label and even Rebranding. As such, we are always looking for new creative partners, whether in the development, production and logistics of Do It Yourself (DIY) products for the institutional segment, retail and retail brands, or professional application for aftermarket networks, brands and specialty stores, transporters, agricultural / construction industry and even filling by contract and petroleum product chains. We also provide assistance with marketing tools and technical training sessions to make the most of our partnership and value chain in your business.

Yes, we also do contract manufacturer with ODM and OEM projects. Whatever your chemical need is, we can bring it to live with a complete multidisciplinary approach from concept to delivery, that can save valuable time, reduce costs and simplify your project. Plus, our enthusiast design and engineering teams will make sure the products developed meet all your requirements and market standards.

All cases are analyzed individually, not only according to the needs and requirements of each customer, but also by the logistics of each particular product reference. A preliminary contact is always necessary to know the feasibility of any order, because any order will always be evaluate, regardless of its volume.

We can provide samples and technical sheets. However, the customer generally as to cover the delivery cost.

Of course, every production that leaves our filling lines is tested for several technical parameters, as our quality control standards are very strict. Furthermore, every product reference as a Safety Data Sheet in compliance with REACH standards and CLP classification, which are available for request. Our ISO 9001 Certified Quality Department also makes sure all legal regulations applied to our country/area are fulfilled.

Generally, it will take 10 to 15 days. The specific delivery time depends on the items and the quantity of your order, and after all details are approved. You can get a quotation with EXW or FOB delivery terms, as your request.

These are the standard means of payment, depending on each specific situation.


Due to the know-how and technical experience, CTEQ has the capacity to manufacture them.


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