Professionalism, reliability and respect for the environment are verified and ensured by the main standards’ accomplishment such as REACH, ISO 9001: 2015.

The purpose of these standards is to assure that the company's products and services are created in series and consistently, in order to ensure the quality pattern that has been defined.


In its whole activity, CTEQ, S.A. has as management principles the permanent search for differentiation and innovation as a way of consolidating its economic growth.

To achieve this purpose, it follows a strategic orientation based on the following pillars:

  • Business growth and development;
  • Optimization of processes, with systematic use of mechanisms to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality and Environmental Management System;
  • Definition of objectives and targets and evaluation of the results obtained to ensure their effectiveness and improvement;
  • Provide adequate human, technical, training and financial resources to enable the objectives to be achieved;
  • Focus on the permanent satisfaction of its clients;
  • Relationship with suppliers established on a partnership basis, in order to guarantee advantages for both and the preservation of the Environment;
  • Compliance with the operational and environmental legislation and regulations applicable to the company's activity;
  • Implementation of best practices and definition of pollution prevention strategies;
  • Awareness and training of its employees, alerting them to their individual and collective obligations, safety of activities, protection of the environment and improvement of the service provided.


Due to the know-how and technical experience, CTEQ has the capacity to manufacture them.


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